Our Mission

Foster Champs exists with the intent to facilitate and support local foster families with the unconditional commitment of closing the gap between what foster families deserve and what they receive. Foster Champs is a body of individuals that believe in the importance of nurturing and advocating for foster families.



Because every child deserves a forever family and until that is achieved we are there to show the child he is loved and cared for.  We believe every child should be afforded similar opportunities as other children like attend a friends birthday party (with a gift), join soccer or dance club, graduation cap and gown, and feel like they belong and that their life matters!


Our Story

Foster Champs was founded in 2012 by Kim Emmons, Daniel Burleigh and Lisa Wiscomb because of the strong need of support by our local foster families. Our parent company is Social Enterprises, established in 2009 by Daniel Burleigh. We are a 501(3)c public charity nonprofit organization. All monies and supplies raised under Foster Champs stays within Foster Champs.

Find Out More

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